Helping Canadians with Debt Relief


Seven ways our site can help you before you make a payment to a collection agency

  1. Provide you with advice about stopping, avoiding or discouraging collection calls

  2. Help you determine if you have a good defence

  3. Assist you to identify practical reasons why you might not have to pay a debt even where you do not have a good defence

  4. Advise you in connection with your 8 options for dealing with your unsecured debts

  5. Provide you with advice on how to negotiate the best possible settlement available

  6. You may want to hire a law firm to negotiate a settlement with a collection agency on your behalf

  7. Help you deal with an unprofessional collection agency

    Ways to deal with an unprofessional collection agency. These include the following:

    • Make a written complaint against a collection agency to one or more government regulators, a provincial licensing administrator, a provincial or territorial human rights commission, or privacy commissioner
    • Make a written complaint to senior management at the collection agency
    • Make a written complaint about the collection agency to your creditor
    • Commence a lawsuit against a collection agency, one or more collectors, your creditor or a combination of them.
      You might be entitled to financial compensation where you bring a successful lawsuit in response to unconscionable conduct on the part of a collector. While you will likely not be entitled to a judgment like the $440,000 damages award made by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in 2007 in favour of a consumer against a collection agency and a collector you might be entitled to a judgment that may be greater or equal to the amount your creditor claims you owe.
    • Pursue a statutory claim for treble damages for wrongful collection where a collection agency has collected monies from you in circumstances where you did not owe the debt (this remedy available to residents of Manitoba and the Yukon only)
    • Tell your story to the media
    • In extreme cases, have a collector charged with a criminal offence under the Criminal Code
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